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What is this? Tic tacs for ants?

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<3!! #SarahMcDaniel

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@harpersbazaarsg 😬🤗✨

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I just want to be really honest right now because I am really tired of these people on here painting this fake picture for you guys. As someone that was bullied for either being too short, too chubby, too annoying, or too “weird” in the way I dressed – I dealt with a lot. I still deal with a lot, and I’m so fucking tired of it. Even though I am not bullied by those specific losers anymore, I have definitely developed severe social anxiety as a result of it. To this day I do not go to busy areas of my town during holidays because I know I will run into the people that treated me like shit growing up. I would love to go out on Fourth of July with my brother and have fun in my local town – but I don’t. Although I have forgiven those people, those wounds are still present and it really sucks! But – I am trying. I never went to Homecoming dances; I never went to football games. I stayed home. But I stayed home with my family – the most important people to me. My Mama, Baba, and especially my brother, were the reason I am still here. Find the people that protect you, hold them close. You will definitely learn how to deal with your past. I am still learning. Just wanted to share that we all go through different battles, and whatever yours is – you have got this.

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Doing this is was the scariest thing I have ever done in my entire life and something I don't speak about to anyone! So a little story to get this all started When I was 14 I started to loose my hair in clumps and as you can imagine being a 14 year old girl starting high school with new people, you want to make a good impression but for me I became and felt like I was the girl that "wore a wig" or as nasty rumors went around such as "I had cancer" and these words were spread not just through my own school but through other school and already suffering anxiety made things very tough. My parents had no Idea what was going on, why was I loosing my hair? We saw doctor after doctor and some said stress and then one of perths top dermatologists told us alopecia, I remember sitting there and just crying in the doctors office and taking my wig off as he looked at my head and began to tell me and my mum that the follicle off the hair was still there but the chances of it growing back were slim but determined to get my hair back we started treatments (which were not cheap, and involved very strong steroids going onto my head) eventually after trying and trying I gave up and had to accept that nothing was working so for the mean time stick to wigs And I can tell you now wigs 6-7 years ago were not what they are today! And one day a gorgeous soul who I will forever be great full too for this told me about franchesca this young lady that was making wigs/ weaves. So my mum and i went and visited franchesca and my god my life changed instantly, Franchesca made long human hair wigs, which was so exciting for me, I could straighten my hair!! I could have a long pony tail! My "hair" looked more real. And from then on kept hush about my hair. Over the past years me and franchesca have spoken about doing something like this video and a few months ago, I agreed! Because I have nothing to be ashamed off in my words "I'm bold (literally) and strong" and yes hair is a major physical aspect to my appearance but my friends and family love me for me, my personality the person and was raised to be, I shouldn't have anything to feel ashamed off! *continue reading in the comments section

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