Former Prosecutor: “Drug Policy Kills More People Than Drugs”


” A huge porcentaje of murder cases i´m involved have some kind of illegal drug distribution component. Drug policy kills more people than the drugs themshelves”

In 1900 when you could buy heroine into sears mail-order catalogue the government statistics worded approximately 1.3 percent of the US population and a drug addiction problem. In 2010 after 40 years of war on drugs the government estimates that about 1.3 of the population has a drug addiction problem. The statistics are identical. 100 million americans have admitted they´ve used illegal drugs. It isn´t like fringe element virtually. If you regulate them as a health issue instead of fancy criminal moral issue you could much more effectively regulate. You talked to a group of people liberal or conservative holder your and they´ve listened to the facts.They come out of there saying uau. This really isn´t crazy thing to be doing”


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